Damaris Vernados Blackflame

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Title: Lord of Blackflame - Abdicated
Birth Place: Beyond Ayenee, within the Hell Dimensions
Race: Demon
Apparent Age: Unknown
Actual Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair color: Varies based on his current form
Eye color: Varies based on his current form

Very little is known about Damaris in the current age as he disappeared mysteriously even before the cataclysm that befell Ayenee, with some even suggesting that he may have had something to do with it's downfall. In reality, however, it is more likely that he merely grew bored with his 'project' and moved on to new dimensions and new tasks, perhaps believing that a thousand year or more reign had been quite enough for one demon. He did, however, leave a hint to those closest to him that he may be back again one day to check in on his progeny, and though most have passed away with time, there are a few who remain and await his glorious return.
Damaris Left the Hell Realm and came to Ayanee where none of the seven were to be found, Or so he thought. Once he reached to this realm and decided to make it his home he could sense that Greed was within this realm but didn't know just where or who he was.While Wandering this realm he found that hell had Spit out many different types of demons he met Half Being Vampires, WereWolves, Shapeshifters. Being one of the Original Seven would have made him feared in this realm but it would also leave many to come for his head. No other Being knew just what or who he was but one woman approached him. This woman he could feel power within her that was almost matched with the other 6 of his brothers but she claimed to be one of the Angerls that followed the Seven at a later time.This Demonic creature was the Leader of a Clan of Demons known as the BlackTalon.She called herself the Queen of this small clan and after meeting Damaris and sleeping with him many times she later gave her title and her Heart to the Demon. Damaris knew nothing of running a clan nor did he have desire to be. He was a Demon of great power as well as demon of Great lust but the Demonic Queen tamed his Wild Heart and became the Demons first love.
After holding Ownership of the Clan of Blacktalon he went out to find Greed one of the Original Seven and soon found that after a hundred years or so that there was a demon named Pollock that owned slaves a castle and more riches than any other man in this entire realm.Damaris knew without a doubt who and just what that man was taking his new Queen and wife with him he went to the Demonic Manor and greeted the demons mortals and all other types of being that had been there. Pollock didnt wish to be bothered byt any of the other 6 nor did Damaris but when reaching to this manor and staying with greed even when the both hated each other so. it seemed the two of them had one thing in common and that was that they both wanted Cassandra. Damaris Lusted for her and Pollock was a demon of greed and wanted more than he should have. When making this Manor his home Pollock Join Cassandra and Damaris as a Blacktalon this leaving them the only 3 of their clan.
As Time passed and their power and fame grew the Demons Cassandra,Pollock and Damaris soon decided it was time to give Cassandra what she wished for and what she wished for when she gave ownership of the Blacktalons to Damaris was that he lead it to be the greatest and most powerful clan in Ayanee. Damaris with his heart filled with love for Cassandra and his body with lust for the many out in this new Realm Damaris began to kill Rape and take what he wanted. Cassandra didn't approve of the way Damaris did things and didn't wish for him to darken the name of Blacktalon anymore. Damaris then told her that he would start a Family under their rule. Pollock ,Cassandra and Damaris were three that wouldn't submit to any others and decided to change the way their manor was run and even gave a name to this Manor. It was later called the Blackflame Manor as was the name of their Family tree changed from Blacktalon to the Blackflame Clan.
The Original Seven were Demons that were later called the Seven deadly sin as time watered down their origins. Damaris was known as the demon of Lust and he carried that name with Honor. When a being was Born from Damaris Seed it became a being known as a succubus or incubus. Damaris seed spread like wild fire as did his fame along with the fame of the Clan known as Blackflame. Damaris seed had not given root in Cassandra for hundreds of Years but then one day it did, when his seed gave root Cassandra left the Blackflame Manor without a word and Damaris continued to grow with his Clan in numbers.it was around that time that many Angelic Orders saw 2 of the Seven demons a big threat Greed(Pollock) and Lust(Damaris) must be stopped.
There is only one way to kill one of the original seven and that was for an angel not tainted by any darkness to kill them. The Angelic Warrior Kaiyra was then sent to Ayanee to kill Pollock and Damaris. A mistake was made when they sent her for when they did she was weakened and this made it easy for Damaris to enslave her and keep her by his side as his pet. Time passed and while cassandra has left the seat of queen empty The demons heart soon went out to the Lady Kaiyra and she had later taken Cassandras spot as Queen of the Blackflames. Cassandra then returned one day with a boy in her arms no younger than the age of 4.With damaris having countless children it was said he only had girls and never had a boy child. Cassandra was the first to give him a son and that son was soon called Dante.
Pollock Greedy as his past name would imply then took Cassandra in bed. Damaris found out that Pollock and Cassandra had been together without him knowing and soon cast Pollock out of Blackflame. Damaris and Pollock have had bad blood since then but at times the two can be seen looking past their differences. He cast Pollock out of his own home which angered pollock and made Kaiyra his mate in Cassandras place. it seemed like Cassandra still had feelings for Damaris for on the night he wed Kaiyra she laid with him and while in the passion and heat of the moment remembered when their hearts were one. Damaris let his guard down and Cassandra then took his head.
Hundreds of years had passed and Cassandra kept his head for all those years. She couldn't kill him but she could keep him immobile for the time being. Time passed and Cassandra returned the head to the body and Damaris woke yet again. When waking he had no idea just who or what he was but the Realm of Ayanee had become a wasteland and the realm itself was destroyed. Some day that he took part in its fall for his Clan that ruled it fell into chaos without a leader.Or so he thought when returning to the manor he could see that all had changed even leadership. His only son that he had with Cassandra had taken leadership which he promised his first wife would happen.
Damaris didn't object to the New Blackflame Clan or its leaders he simply allowed the changed and without knowing fell in love with the same woman of his past he fell for Kaiyra yet again and made her his mate. Cassandra and Pollock Still Wander many other Realms as well and ayanee but Little is known on what has become of Cassandra on returning Damaris head, or if she were even alive. Pollock and Damaris returned to the manor and now seek nothing more than to continue to wander and see what life has in store for them. After Gaining back all of his memories Damaris no longer Hides from the other Originals in fact he Waits for the day when one such as Wrath will Approach him.
Before Damaris went under to sleep he Formed alliances with Demons he saw that had much power one being his right hand man known as Laviroan and the other being his left hand man and Friend Raziel. They Work with Damaris rather than follow him and even to this day they wish for him to retake ownership of the Clan and make the Blackflames a feared Dark clan as it was in the Past but although it is Clear that as long as he breaths he will always be a Blackflame he no longer carries the name and reverts back to the Clans Original name and calls himself Damaris Blacktalon. Damaris Original name Asmodeus but none call him that or even know him by that name but Cassandra , Pollock and Kaiyra. The Irony that lies in Damaris new home now is that the only demon in the Blackflame clan that can kill him truly is his Wife Kaiyra.
Damaris has gone through many changes as time goes by the Demon continues to Evolve and grow in power as does his appreance change. In the past he hid his Demonic form and even his human form was different. His power over the Demonic Flames, his powers allow him to control fire hotter than blue flames he could control demonic Blackflames hence where the name of the Clan was born. Damaris stands well over Six feet and five inches tall Massive Demonic Bat-like wings that when spread out spread out a good 15 feet long from his back shoulder blades. His Tail is six feet long as well his skin is as hard as rock and the very touch of his skin to burn the skin to the flesh of a mortals body. his Hair white and shoulders length his eyes having no pupils only a white glow which allowed him to bee well over 100x better than most mortals. Most of his skin had metal welded into his flesh it was demonic metal to where he used as clothing and armor.above his Elven like ears his massive hordes could be seen coming out from his very skull. His hands were not gentle at all they were talons rather than hands as were his feet this allowing him to hang upside down and even walk on walls and ceilings the only clothing that he did have on aside from the armor was a demonish sash made by cloth from the realm of hell what could withstand his heat or any heat for that matter.
With age comes wisdom Damaris is smarter than most some would say he was a genius. in the Past battles for the Greatest Clans in Ayanee were won on his brain alone, along with his powers of Persuasion.His Battle Tactics have lead him to be undefeated in Combat.Pollock has been the only Demon till this day that has seen Damaris Serious i

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