Kathyryn Juliana Blackflame

Trillian ID: kathyryn_juliana_blackflame

Title: Resident busty soulless ginger
Birth Place: Ireland
Race: Demon
Apparent Age: 27
Actual Age: wiser than 27
Height: 5’6
Weight: 135
Hair color: Vibrant Auburn
Eye color: Ethereal emerald green

Kathyryn is somewhat petite, curvy, but still in fit condition. Her pale smooth skin shimmers lightly in sunlight due to the lack of pigmentation. Her face is slender and heart shaped. Her eyes are wider than most, and vary between bright emerald green and deep forest green. They tend to change depending on her mood as well as how she is feeling physically. Her hair is a lovely vibrant shade of auburn with a few blonde highlights. The thick heavy auburn hair reaches just to the middle of her back and has natural waves and curls to it, but only a moderate amount. Her lips are a natural dark pink. They fit her face perfectly despite being plump. Her slight nose is small and upturned at the end making her appear younger than she is. Kathyryn rarely wears heavy make-up other than for special occasions. Kathyryn’s style of dressing had been that of her time period, the mid 1800’s to early 1900’s. Her Victorian style clothing only helps to enhance that of her natural hourglass figure. She enjoys wearing dark clothing, but will on occasion wear bright or pastel colors. She NEVER wears pink, ever. She always wears heels no matter the type of clothing or occasion. This helps her feel taller and confident. Since coming to the manor she now dresses in a more modern style, saving her old style for special occasions and events typically.

Due to the fact that she is petite she can move quickly and easily when needed. She walks quietly but gracefully. She is usually alone having had very rough and hard times in her short years. She does not trust easily and once it is broken it is almost never given back. She abhors liars, ones that act fake and rudeness. Being born of a higher class makes her always act politely, kindly and respectfully and expects the same from others. She has been known at times to break those rules. Kathyryn has an impulsive and defiant nature sometimes and it often gets her into trouble. She has a naturally sweet temperament, however she is well known for being somewhat of a “wild child” causing mischievousness. When angered or hurt she can turn to being cold and heartless. Bouts of sadness and hopelessness of her past cause her to be melancholy. Kathyryn is a strong and capable woman; her past has made it impossible not to be. She works hard at any task she is set upon and will not give up until it is completed. When she loves it is with her whole heart and fiercely. She enjoys the finer things in life and longs to have them once again. Kathyryn has a love for reading and long walks. On rainy days and nights she will often be found at a window watching the weather or standing in it. She enjoys spending her free time at the theater, symphony or opera. She has a love of traveling to different places and trying new things. When bored, you can find her in the kitchen cooking at all hours. Her friends call her Kate. She has been known to go by Juliana.

Kathyryn is a very intelligent woman. She was raised well going to the best schools and getting only renowned tutors. She has learned far too much on the street than any well to do young woman should.

Kathyryn’s past is quite sad and tragic; her mother was Welsh and her father Irish. Both came from high class noble and wealthy families. While away at boarding school at 15 she learned that both her parents had been murdered. It is still unknown who killed them or for what reasons. She suspects it may have been a rival clan. No proof or evidence has been found to support those claims. Upon news of their death she discovered any wealth or material objects she had were gone. Her house had been burned to the ground as well as everything in it. She lost priceless heirlooms, photos and memories. Due to the lack of wealth she was released from boarding school and sent to a nunnery. Being of such a high spirit this did not suit her, before they could break her she ran away to live on the streets. Once on the streets she found herself in difficult situations and hard times. She grew up very quickly in that harsh environment. Kathyryn would often do anything she needed to in order to survive. Whether it be stealing, cheating someone out of their possessions, lying, even going as far to sell herself if needs be. There were times she wished herself dead due to the horrible and unspeakable things that had happened to her. She had been abused, mistreated, raped and almost killed far too often. While she hated doing any of this and debasing herself as well as having these things done to her; she knew she had no choice if she wanted to survive. To this day the things she did and those times haunt her. She dreams only of finding a new family and partner to help her forget and leave those horrible things in the past. Kate had a child with her now missing fiance, she traded her soul and child to make a deal with the Lord of the manor. She is now a demon type creature. She is still learning what her powers and skills are and how to use them and control them.

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