Arabella Greyson

Trillian ID: arabella_greyson

Title: The Vampire Arabella
Birth Place: Carpathian Mountains
Race: Vampire
Apparent Age: 23
Actual Age: Unknown
Height: 5'5
Weight: 117
Hair color: Chocolate Brown
Eye color: Hazel

Arabella is a truly exquisite creature that may be small in stature, but voluptuous in frame. Her soft skin can seemingly glow in the pale moonlight with it's ivory hue. Alluring hazel eyes that could make any human do as she commands and an abundance of dark, silky hair that would make a man want to sink his fingers into it.

Arabella has, like all vampires, enhanced physical senses. She has excellent night vision and can see details in things that humans or many other creatures could not normally see. She can sense creatures far off in the distance or in other rooms, she can hear a heartbeat or smell the intoxicating scent of blood from miles away. However, extremes in any of these sensory areas can cause discomfort and will quickly make her irritable. Being vampire, she is stronger and faster. She has quicker reflexes and greater agility than mere humans. She does not get sick, unless some supernatural force is at work, and can heal faster than your average human. Arabella may have a tendency to go through extreme mood swings or a destructive behavior, but this is only the case when her hunger is nearly too great to bare and she needs to feed. However, her behavior can also shift if she gets angry, upset, or is under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Arabella is above average intelligence due to her life as a Carpathian and now vampire. Yet, at times it may not be apparent due to her young age as a vampire. Ego and irresponsibility tend to get in the way or a swift change in mood may cause her to act out irrationally. However, with time comes wisdom and she is eager to learn from those who have lived longer than she.

Arabella was born Carpathian in the Carpathian Mountains. A race that is similar to vampires, yet vastly different. Carpathians survive by drinking the blood of humans, but unlike vampires, they do not kill their human prey. Carpathians use their telepathic abilities to “call” humans to them in order to feed, and then use those same abilities to erase the humans’ memory of the incident. Carpathians can live centuries, and just like vampires, can die from a stake to the heart or other fatal wounds. Carpathians are unable to go into direct sunlight, but are capable of going out on cloudy days are just as the sun is setting. Having left the Carpathian Mountains long ago to escape a darkened past, Arabella had found her way to the Blackflame Manor. There, her life changed drastically. She fell in love with a Changeling named Varric Hawke, became pregnant, and then sadly lost love, and miscarried in a matter of months. For these reasons, she chose to walk along a darker path. Arabella befriended the vampire known as Alexavior, and with his help, guidance, and love, was able to continue on at Blackflame. Unfortunately, during a time spent away from the manor, Arabella was fatally attacked by Alexavior's human son who loathed the very creature who helped create him. Alexavior made it to Arabella just in time, and as many vampires do, was able to save her by feeding her his blood; that was when the vampire Arabella was born. Arabella loved her sire more than anything. And yet, it was not long lasted. Alexavior's son came back with a vengeance and was able to kill his father. With her sire dead and their bond severed, Arabella went on a downward spiral. It was only with the help of Alexia, an elf and friend, that Arabella didn't take her own life. Unsurprisingly, with many supernatural happenstances, Alexavior came back from the dead, but was human. This seemingly broke Arabella even more, to have her sire back, but in human form and no bond between the two. Since then, Arabella has, for the most part, stayed away from the Manor; coming back every now and then to seemingly catch up, but in all honesty, Blackflame Manor is the only home she knows.

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