Alexia Rhine Blackflame

Trillian ID: Alexia_Rhine_Blackflame

Title: Resident Elf
Birth Place: Ayenee
Race: Elf
Apparent Age: 31
Actual Age: 3200
Height: 5' 6
Weight: 130lbs
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Green

Alexia's skin is flawless, mostly, pale like ivory, the only 'flaw' is the tiny row of freckles across her nose. No matter how much sun she seems to get, she always remains pale. Most of the time her eyes are a bright emerald green and if one were lucky enough to look close enough they might see the occasional fleck of gold, however when she's enraged, or decides to be intimidating her eyes turn red and glowing. One of the things she is most proud of is her hair, soft strands that fall to the small of her back, a golden blonde that seems to trap the sunlight.

Like any elf Alexia has a few added side benefits and moves with a natural grace and a practiced skill of stealth. She moves in ways that lend to a silent step and the ability to blend into the shadows if she needs to. She has learned how to hold so that her mere presence exudes authority and demands respect.

Alexia is very smart, she spent a good portion of her young life learning the old tales of the world and her people, memorizing the stars and the ever changing histories. On top of studying books she is a master of blades and the bow.

Just short of her one-hundredth birthday, she died. Upon her death Alexia looked to the sky, another dark...starless night. One-Hundred years was young for her kind, and while she could feel her body growing cold, a few last warm tears slid down her pale face. She would give anything to save herself and in that darkened night her wishes were granted, a demon came to her, a demon with no name, and a face that to this day she can't quite remember. He offered to her a way to save all she held dear, but like with any demon, it came at a price.

The price the demon asked of her, was her soul and without a second thought she agreed, giving her soul to the demon and warmth returned to her body, and one by one those that had been dead around her slowly began to rise. Without thinking of the deal she had made with the demon, Alexia continued to live for several years without worry. It wasn't until one summer, the heat set in, but all she could feel was cold, she realized she could not love, she could not feel anything. This... lack of feeling drove her into a self induced exile and a long search for the demon that she had made the deal with.

It took years before she was able to find him, on the road, making a deal with a travelling man. Before he could vanish she confronted him, demanding she be returned her soul, or at least given a way to work to get it back. Like any deal, there is a price, and to break that deal the price is greater, 10,000 souls for her 1 brightly shining one. 10,000 souls, and she could feel again... her only fear now, is 10,000 souls is a large guilt to bear, when she can feel...will the pain of all her guilt, and suffering destroy her anyway?

Alexia was eventually captured while attempting to destroy the demon, Pollock Malachi Blackheart, she felt...something, the first bit of anything she had felt in decades. His darkness called to her, and she wasn't sure why, like something he had... could fill the part of her that was missing. Whatever it was she felt for him, love, lust, infatuation... it was like a drug to her, never getting enough of -feeling-, and for a time, her mission to gather souls was forgotten.

Eventually Alexia married the demon, vowing to remain loyal, even in the darkest of times, and eventually she gave birth to their daughter, Alatariel; half elf, half demon possessing the best traits of both worlds. While Alexia had initially been worried about her daughter not possessing a soul, it quickly became evident to her that it was not an issue, the happy child was growing with a glowing soul and personality just like her mother had until her accident so many years ago.

The happiness was not to last however, before Alatariel turned 10, the demon came for her. Angry with the lack of progress he took from Alexia her daughter, the very hope she had for a happy future. Her anger at her husband for once again not being there to protect his family, coupled with the anger she had at herself for not being able to do anything left another great rift between the two, and Alexia entered into a second self induced exile. During this time she wore with her at all times a pendant, an enchanted necklace that would keep her husband from being able to track her down through the connection they shared. For over a hundred years she kept her distance.

Until she returned to the Blackflame Manor, intent on freeing her daughter and trying to reclaim some semblance of happiness she had once had. She knew there would be challenges, but even after 1000 years Pollock hadn't changed, while she had sworn loyalty to him, there were too many times he wasn't there for her. The ultimate betrayal came to her when after he had informed her he wished for no more children until they could free their daughter, he took another woman to his bed and gave to her two. Though he claimed they were simply bastard children, it was the first in a long string of events that would lead to their eventual separation.

The excuse of him wanting to wait until they freed their daughter, but then refusing to do anything to help find her, and then simply wishing to vanish to the mortal realms with no real intention on returning any time soon was the tipping point. He had let their family fall into ruin and decay, their numbers were now so few they were hardly a clan. On the night he left for the mortal realms Alexia approached the leaders of Blackflame, and swore her fealty to them if they would give her political backing should Pollock ever return, to give her the right to lead her family as she would as the head of the family, ousting Pollock forever.

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