Varric Hawke

Trillian ID: Varric_hawke

Birth Place: Kingdom of Roldyn
Race: Changeling
Apparent Age: 25
Actual Age: Unknown
Height: 6'1''
Weight: 225lbs
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Hazel

Varric generally wears clothing that fit his role as a hunter. clothing that is generally comfortable and has little chance of making much noise. Usually found in a regular shirt and a pair of pants, which depending upon the recency of his latest hunt will generally be torn in different places. His hair is also naturally unruly, though every now and then he will cut and groom it if it becomes to long and starts interfering with his movements. Because of his general lack of experience in social settings such as parties, he is not too familiar with the concept of formal clothing. As such, he is almost never seen in them, and even when he is it is generally something fairly simple. Appearance is not a major concern with him.

He has been known to trust his instincts when in the company of others, and as such has developed sort of a sixth sense for knowing how to act in certain situations. He can be diplomatic and tactful when the need is there, and aggressive and bold when the situation dictates. Though there are times when a certain chain of events will cause his temper to rise, and when it does it is extremely difficult for him to keep it in check. In such cases, he will more than likely let his anger speak for him, without thinking about the consequences.

While not the sharpest knife in the drawer, he is very well spoken and is very keen on listening to what the person he is with is saying. Sometimes, even the smallest word can have meaning in the right context, so he had pushed himself to being as good a listener as he can

Born a half demon, his mother being human and his father being a changeling, a being capable of morphing into any conceivable animal, Varric was destined to live a cursed life from his birth. Feared by humans and shunned by demons, his family spent most of their life in isolation. As he grew older, he began to become restless of this and wanted to go out and see the world, and at 15 he did just that. He quickly learned that the world was not a good place to be when you were like him, and after the first time he was chased out of a town, he quickly returned to his parents, only to find the house burned to the ground and his parents gone. To this day he still does not know who did it and why. Beginning his life on his own, he used his abilities as a changeling to scrounge for food, before he attempted to try and blend in with the local population. It worked for a while before he had to leave. One of the warriors under the King of Roldyn had angered him, he does not remember why, all he knew was that he had transformed and attacked him. He was run off after that and has never returned. He began his life as a hunter using his changelings abilities. His father had taught him that a changeling, if he spent enough time as a specific animal, would inherit the traits of said animal in his human form, like the speed of a cheetah, or the sense of smell found in certain canine breeds. He used the skills, able to hide his other side from other for a time, though every now and then it would come out and he would have to move again. One day, he had gotten word that he King was offering a very large bounty for the return of his daughter. Curious, he went to get the details and, after acquiring her scent, went off to find her. He traveled the lands, searching for almost a year, picking up every lead he could, before he was finally give something promising. This lead him to a very peculiar Manor standing in the middle of no where. Alert, but still intrigued that such a place existed here, he approached it.

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