Seraphina Embers

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Title: Countess
Birth Place: Ireland
Race: Vampire/ Demon
Apparent Age: 19
Actual Age: 800
Height: 5'3''
Weight: 115 lbs
Hair color: Cherry Black
Eye color: Violet

Seraphina's normal attire consists of black leather armor. Wearing black heeled boots, black fitted leather pants and a long sleeve black leather shirt that zipped up the front. Upon her right thigh she wears four daggers, each lased with poison. Upon her back a set of arrows, a bow in hand. She stands at a full height of 5'6'' with her black heels. Her eyes are a bright unnatural violet hue. Dark cherry black hair that cascades down the narrow of her back to rest just above her amble arse.

Abilities: Shape-shifting: As a pure-blood vampire, Aurora has always had the ability to shape-shift into 5 kinds of form. These forms are; the form of the Raven, the Wolf, the Panther, Mist and the Demon. Telekinesis: A Practiced Art, Seraphina's initial telekinesis abilities were given at birth. Living as long as she, it is a mastered skill she has got down perfectly.

Shadow Manipulation: Being of the Darkness, Seraphina has acquired this skill through strict training, though, once again, this gift was issued at birth. This skill requires freshly fallen night, to be at its most powerful. When in these hours, the Shadow summons can physically grasp and touch foreign objects i.e; another person. In the day, however, the shadows cast by the sun are less inclined to fall under Seraphina's orders and are less obedient than the moon's. To make ample use of this ability, it must be taken advantage of at night.

Rapid Regeneration: Undead flesh would seem tedious to heal itself yet the Vampire, as a natural ability, can heal surface/flesh wounds at an astonishing rate of performance. With age this achieves perfection. Wounds such as cuts, gauges, slices, bites and bone fractures will heal in a matter of seconds. However limbs being decapitated will take several months to fully regenerate to its former construction.

Haste/Shift: The ability of ultimate speed and agility. 'Shift' is Seraphina's speed skill which enables her body to move at such a rate that it is not visible by naked eye of any normal mortal. Although other supernatural beings may still be able to track her movements via another sense.

Charm Person/Animal: As part of a Female Vampire's necessary skills, being able to charm and seduce her victims is an absolute must. There are certain mind spells which Seraphina uses (mostly not to your knowledge) in order to entrance and lure. If the person's mind is strong, such weavings won't be all too successful. Of course, if those techniques fail, that amazonian physique of hers will surely dominate desires.

Preternatural Strength: Like all undead, Seraphina's physical strength is second to none. Do not let her fragile female form fool you to think she is weak. She can lift 20 times her own body weight and can leap over large objects with the greatest of ease.

Seraphina is sly, mysterious and a seductress. Very witted and intelligent.

Seraphina is a kindred elder ( Daylight walker) She was born as a pure blooded vampire mixed with demon blood in her. Seraphina is of noble blood. Throughout the generations she was once known as a Countess of Romania. Through-out the centuries she has had to move again and again to try and keep suspicions at bay. She was a born vampire with demon blood inside her veins. She stopped aging once she reached her mid-twenties and does not look a day older than nineteen. She appears to be in the ripe of her age and will slowly age. Her demon heritage would have allowed her to live for a couple thousand of years but due to the vampire within her veins she will now live forever.. unless her heart is removed or until her head is decapitated and kept from her body. After a life full of abuse, she has grown cold and bitter herself. When confronted with someone who expressed sincere love and/or humanity, she would be fascinated as she has forgotten what it feels like to be loved. She carries herself in a lady-like manner and presents herself as a nice woman, her temper could be easily provoked. At such moments, she will snap at anyone who spoke against her.When denied something she wants she will take it by force if need be, whether it be something trivial like a necklace, or another vampire or human being. However, due to her possessive nature and short temper, she would often scare those away and is left to remain alone.

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