Kieran Shroud

Trillian ID: KieranShroud

Title: Archmage
Birth Place: Sschindylryn
Race: Drow
Apparent Age: mid-20's
Actual Age: mid-90's
Height: 5'1
Weight: 125
Hair color: White
Eye color: Red in the dark, purple in the light

Well groomed, clean shaven, white hair cut neatly to the shoulder, dark skin, red eyes (in the dark) Purple eyes (in the light), snug fitting rothe-hide coat and rothe-hide trousers, both black. and a slightly expensive magi cloak with pockets to hold spell-casting components

fluid and glib. the innate elven grace blessed to all Illythiiri with a casual attitude that was often mocking or demeaning. the kind of person that you would like being around if I feel I can use you for something. Always looking out for myself but sometimes for the chaos factor would do unpredicatble things that could benefit others around.

Quite well versed in Lore and the study of the arcana. passable knowledge of most denizens of the lower planes. Exceedingly curious to learn that which I do not know, especially if I can find a way for the knowledge to benefit me.

Was born in the Underdark, in the City of Portals, where he studied to become a mage. Upon completion of his basic studies he was assigned to the upkeep of House Szind's personal portals, where his curiousity led him to see what he could find upon entering. Is still young by Illythiiri standards having only graduated from Academia a few short years prior to his journey thru the portal.

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