Veronique Destine

Trillian ID: Kaiyra

Birth Place: Ayenne
Race: Seer
Apparent Age: 26
Actual Age: Unknown
Height: 5' 5
Weight: 120 lbs.
Hair color: Jet Black
Eye color: Magenta




First appearance: 

Veronique first appeared at the Blackflame Manor during a time of many conflicts for her. Her initial walk through the dark woods was intended to merely clear her mind from thoughts of the pre-arranged marriage her father had arranged for the sake of maintaining their wealth and social status. Not long after she stepped into the forest, she had lost her way. Some sought her out to hold for ransom, and then, some intended to do far darker things. There was the sound of footsteps at her heels. Panicked, she ran deeper into the forest with no real direction. She had spotted a clearing and headed towards it full speed emerging to see what to her was the most run-down, creepy looking manor ever. Her first encounter had been with a changeling named Varric, who could shapeshift with ease. Given that he had unexpectedly dropped in on her without warning, she was everything but kind. She had even gone so far as to pull out her enchanted dagger and took on a defensive stance.

Despite the creatures apologies and making his good intentions known to her, she refused to drop her guard and thus hesitantly followed him into the run-down looking manor. She had no idea what to expect, but it was far better than whatever or whomever it was that chased her through those woods that night.  

A new home: 

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