Tor Crowson Ruth

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Birth Place: The Ruins of Denver, M.O.N.S
Race: Human
Apparent Age: 18
Actual Age: 16
Height: 5'9
Weight: 210 pounds
Hair color: Black (originally brown)
Eye color: Orange

He is broad shouldered with a 6-pack, has 4% body fat, has black hair, has orange eyes, and has gray skin that looks like cracked stone. His face hides beneath a metal mask and he hides his head beneath the black hood of a leather jacket to cover the entire right half of his face and neck, which is covered in a web of black scars that looks like a web of arteries and veins from the base of the neck to the hairline. He wears black leather gloves, a black leather jacket with a hood, dark brown boots, and military pants.

Although ungraceful, he moves with strength and speed. He uses gestures when explaining his thoughts, but doesnt talk much since he was prohibited from speaking almost any time he was in public. Polite and respectful to all women, will never hit a woman, and generally wants to protect the innocent and defenseless while surviving. Tor will fight for anyone who is in danger or defenseless. He is loyal to those who are loyal to him, has a respect for all women, and is incredibly compassionate. Although he can tend to be overaggressive in battle, his rage strengthens his abilities and allows him to fight for longer periods of time. He will literally fight for anyone he loves, until every one of his bones is broken and when his final drop of blood is spilled. He will never give up on the innocent, the ones he loves, or what he fights for

Schooled and moderately intelligent, but has little interest in anything besides surviving and protecting family and friends.

Tor watched his mother die at the hands of a government asset named The Banshee at age 12, during a time at which he and his younger sister were infected with a virus called KV. He was born in the slums of MONS and only survived by thievery and fighting. The virus altered his body, turning his skin as gray as stone but harder than steel, and gave him the ability to manipulate stone and other earthen minerals/metals. He can easily manipulate stone and rock in any conceivable way and learned to control his power that requires little physical touch, though it takes much more skill and concentration to manipulate metals like iron. His skin is thick and harder than steel which protects him from almost any attacks. Tor can cause town shattering earthquakes by punching the ground, create stone weapon constructs on his hands, and knows how to manipulate things like mud, sand, soil, dirt, and even glass, if he concentrates enough, from their earthen mineral bases. But when drained of energy, a well placed strike will put him down.

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