Trillian ID: Angelscalamity

Title: "The dead"
Birth Place: Made in a lab
Race: Dragon, succubus, vampire, angel and demon hybrid
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Actual Age: Unknown
Height: 5'2
Weight: 120
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Purple

She is short, and cute, she has long black hair, pale skin, and vivid purple eyes, when she wishes she can have small black horns from her head, and Dragon like purple tail she can sometimes also have purple wings. Her hands and feet have small claws. she has a mental encyclopedia of sorts, that when accessed gives her basic information about the world. She has small fangs, and is quick to smile. Due to her young age and recent traumas, she can be very childlike, and

She is quick and agile, never intentionally sexy but always flirty and quick to laugh. Always ready to fight or play a prank on someone. Has a soft spot for the weak or abused, will stand up against injustice. She is learning about herself and her abilities. She is often shy and reserved, she had little understanding of manners, and often hides herself behind a mask of fear, she is almost constantly afraid. She hates being alone, but is alone most the time. With her unstable genetic code she has to 'feed' more than regular vampires or succubus do, due to the extra energy her body expends keeping itself together. the hunger was lessened sightly since Kieran, the dark elf gave her a potion made from a dwarfs heart blood. Due to her bad experiences, she afraid of her dragon side, and is trying to learn how to face it. When insenced she can have her skin turn to scales.

She's not stupid, nor is she a genius, she's clever, thinks out of the box, and can solve most problems with a bit of thought. Even though she has access to lots of information she only uses it when she does not understand, her 'knowledge' is limited to dictionary definitions most the time, she has limited understanding on how to use it.

When she Awoke in front of blackflame, naked with nothing but a trench coat that was way too large for her and a black dimensional storage bag with a peculiar broad sword in it, she had no memories, but her name and the strange brand on her left arm, Ri558. Later it was reviled that part of her mixed lineage is dragon, succubus and vampire, and when one of the 'whitecoats in the lab attempted to rape her that she lost control, shifted and killed everyone at the labs, which she still feels very bad about, even innocents where destroyed in her rage. She also remembered that she was never supposed to be alive, she was supposed to be a mindless experiment to see if they could create such a hybrid, and instead of terminating her when they noticed brain activity, the scientists decided to see exactly what they had created, and toyed with her. she was toured extensively. So most PTSD is a problem. She is not aware that there is much more to her story, much more indeed, she was created to be a genetic mother clone, if successful the white coats would have cloned her many times over, to create a army of soldiers controlled by a mental relay chip, implanted in the skull, the labs employer wants an army for unknown reasons, this would have been possible without a very brilliant and ancient creatures original research and dna samples being stolen. She has a small pĂșca as a companion and familar, his name is Loki, she found him in the manor, after him being sent to 'watch' her by someone far away. Loki is a fairy spirit, a shapeshifter, and is a little trickster. He wears a collar with his name on it, and is bound to Rissa, even if she doesn't know it. He can speak, but just words here and there, he is very young. A altercation has her succubus and demon sides bound for the time being. She is deceased.

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