Charlie Pavolav

Trillian ID:

Title: Corporal
Birth Place: ANS Louisiana during the Battle over Gratanoa
Race: Human
Apparent Age: 23
Actual Age: 27
Height: 6ft 1
Weight: 180 pounds
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Green

Charlie is a tall man and while average he is no less handsome than perhaps the next man in line. He is slender though solid and definitely has the body of a runner. His hair is brown and his eyes are a deep green that many of his past lovers have enjoyed since they tend to seem intelligent. However those with a knowledge of one's eyes may notice that while Charlie appears to be in his twenties his eyes betray that of a man who has seen enough to be much older than his body portrays.

He is a powerful man even with his rather slim frame and definitely worthy of his position in the military as low as it may be. His presence demands respect even if he is a simple and kind man though a fierce and powerful warrior. Charlie is devoted to his country though his family comes second. When he walks he makes powerful and precise strides and his body is relaxed as he knows that no matter what happens he will come out alright in the end or better.

He has a PhD and yet he's a lower enlisted soldier. So probably fairly stupid aye? Incorrect. Charlie's people have understood the need for highly educated soldiers on the field of battle in the modern world. While Charlie may technically have a PhD for modern times in the real world; in his time this PhD is practically worthless though it still takes a fair amount of time to understand. He is not as well versed as say, a scientist who specifically studies this area of science for the purposes of engineering or whatever the case may be however were Charlie born in a different time that wasn't plagued by war he would've been one of the Alliance's finest.

Charlie Pavolav was born April 14th, 2956. His life was given to him aboard a starship, the famous cruiser Daedalus class 'Louisiana' where his mother passed away due to mortal wounds received during the battle over Gratanoa, the start of the First Contact War. His father was able to keep him safely until Charlie grew to age twelve when he was drafted into military service to fight a war that threatened the extinction of humanity. He served in many battles to include the Battle of Bunker Hill, Earth, in 2987 where a plasma bolt from an enemy sniper would claim his left lung, left half of his heart and left arm. Another incident while he was being evacuated on an emergency medical transport would prevent him from leaving and he would end up stuck behind enemy lines for three months to receive battlefield care. Despite his injuries Charlie persisted in attempting to fight off the medics and return to battle partially because of shock and partially because of who he is. It was during this time the missing pieces of his body were replaced with cybernetic prosthetics and he would regain the use of them almost instantly after they were implemented. Serving alongside others like Arthur Lancer, Charlie fought bravely and admirably in the face of impossible odds to buy time for the evacuation of a nearby civilian populace during Bunker Hill. The battle was not a victory however, many soldiers were lost and many families had lost their loved ones during that time. But it had given humanity what it had needed most during that time... hope. Eventually, several years after Bunker Hill the 177th Mechanized Infantry "Tarantulas" would be called upon again and Charlie would give his life to buy another few minutes of hope. Aboard a Hierarchy cruiser in orbit he chose to stay behind and sacrifice himself when a nuclear device's remote detonator suffered a cataclysmic failure and needed to be detonated on site manually. (The Charlie I play did not have to sacrifice himself. I own the creative rights to his universe and the character in question. Good hunting. ;) )

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