Layali Kabal

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Birth Place: Oxford, United Kingdom
Race: Nymph
Apparent Age: 23
Actual Age: 23
Height: 5'7
Hair color: Black, shines with a blue undertone
Eye color: Grey/Blue, depending on her mood

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Pale and dark haired, Layali is almost the human personification of the night. Her eyes have a tendency to remain a silvery-grey, especially in the dark, but assume a dark blue shade when her temper flares. She has always dressed modestly, with dark jeans and black boots, sporting a vintage leather jacket two sizes too big. The gold hoops adorning her ears are relics from her grandmother.

Light footed, Layali is stealthy enough to pass by completely unnoticed if she doesn't make an attempt to warrant attention. She is quiet, often mistaken for being shy. Having a natural preference for the night, she is nocturnal and can rarely be seen during the day, although she does not always stay indoors when the sun is out.

Still young, Layali has much to learn about who and what she is. She has a knack for reading and an extremely well-tuned emotional radar, with a keen ability to read people's emotions and feelings in passing. Self-reflective and a little dark, she is aware of the differences between herself and humans.

Layali is descended from a line of nymphs, who inherited the blood of Lilith during a time when humans began to destroy the realms of the natural world. Having nowhere to live and no way to survive, one of her ancestors made a blood-deal with the demon Lilith and promised her daughters to live in-service for as long as their long lives allowed. In return, Lilith gave the nymphs shelter in the dark of the night. Layali's grandmother was one of the last of her kind, and a freak-attack on their home cautioned her into sending her grand-daughter to Ayenee, where she hoped she would be safe.

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