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Title: The Bastard of all bastards
Birth Place: Ruby City
Race: Mutant
Apparent Age: 32
Actual Age: 200,000
Height: 7'2
Weight: 423 lbs
Hair color: Ashy gray
Eye color: Emerald green

Damon is a rather hefty individual. His body is broad and very thick, stern features along his face. His eyes are sunken in with heavy dark bags under them. Very muscular but not bulky. His hair is a short messy ashy gray hair color while he rocks a five o'clock shadow beard.

Despite his size, Damon can move pretty quickly and can show some level of agility in fights. He can be rude and hostile, can be very aggressive and has a bad potty mouth. Damon is a heavy drinker and also enjoys is blunts.

Damon Nustron comes from a far away land called Ruby City, unknowingly walking through a portal which brought him here. In his home land Damon is considered ancient having lived for over two hundred thousand years on his home planet though he only appears to be in his early thirties.

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