Ridian The wandered

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Title: Cursed Sage
Birth Place: Rivendale
Race: Elven
Apparent Age: 24
Actual Age: Unknown
Height: 6.2
Weight: 170
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Dark green with hints of silver

Master spell caster Master spell crafter Advance enchanter Adept to learn various magic Advance marksman Minor knowledge of swordsmanship

Ridian was next in line to be granted the title of “Great Sage” when he was tried by the council for falling in love with a dark art user. She poses the ability to shape shift, according to the council that could only be acquire by preforming a series of dark rituals. Ridian being there most promising candidate, he was presented with a choice to slay his beloved or to be exiled never to returned to his home. He was given a day to present her heart or his Sage robes along with his grimoire. After a long night tribulation he came upon the answer they were to escape at dawn. As he gather a few things to begin there new journey his mother handed him his fathers bow and a dagger both of wish had been handed down through out the generations. As they got ready to leave that city, she run towards the family garden to collect a few of their favorite fruits. Mean while he sneak into the Great Library once more only to find him self being chase by some of the recent name mages. As he ran through the library he stumble into a secret room witch contain a few relics of the past among them a old mysterious book witch he decided to take with him along with a silk like cape. They had set a meeting point right out side the gate were they had two horses waiting for them. As he tried sneaking out of the city he was caught by some of the guards witch made him watch the horses drag his beloved down the city streets. Tears of blood begin to run down his cheeks as he watch her body hit every bump and every stone on the street he begin to get recent the council and every one the laugh. As his hatred begging to grow towards those who just had taking everything from him his blood begin to boil turning his left eye red. As the horses run down and out of the city he was struck with a shield from behind causing him to lose conscientiousness. They drag him out side the gate we’re they left him to die. As he arose the fallowing morning he gathered all his belongings and started to walk in search of his beloved remains. After walking several hours he came upon her remains where he found her heart had been encase into a ruby. As he pick it up and look over it, he took of his pack and stored it away for safe keeping. After giving her a proper burial he began to walk alway from the curse city. Knowing some day he would return and burn it to the ground

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