Pollock Malachi Blackheart

Trillian ID:

Birth Place: Unknown
Race: Demon
Apparent Age: Late 20's-30's
Actual Age: Unknown
Height: 5'11
Weight: Unknown
Hair color: Silver
Eye color: Emerald

Usually wears a three piece suit

Relaxed and carefree. Will act like he owns everything and fears no one so will take what he wants as he sees fit

Is very smart and loves to read, can also read people fairly well. Not good with mechanics or electronics depending on the time/setting.

It is rumored that Pollock was there with Damaris when Lucifer started his war with god. Angels who chose no side and used the confusion to get away from it all and enjoy humanity. Supposedly he was hunted down and sent to hell where he became a demon. Of course he escaped and once more parades the earth. He reads constantly and trains his body to combat angels and demons alike so he may not be sent back to hell unless he wants to go. When he came back the last time some heard he chose the most unconventional method that none of the others chose because of it's weakening effects. Supposedely he was reborn completely as a human and didn't simply choose a body to inhabit. This allowed him to grow up and live as a human until something brought back his memories which is when he began studying and training to strengthen his body and soul until becoming strong enough that few demons and angels have the stones to come after him. Some also say he is the epitome of greed and perhaps the creator of the sin and that others who escaped with him are one of the other Seven.

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