The History of Blackflame

Even to the most senior members of the clan, the origin of their bloodline remains somewhat of a mystery. It is known that in the beginning, years ago, beyond what a typical mortal could count in it's lifetime, a single, powerful demon, known simply as Blackflame, came through a portal from a hell-like dimension.

He found himself in a mystical land; a land of deep, blue seas, great plains of sand and grass, forests so thick one could not perceive beginning or end from the highest mountain tops. There were even settlements full of the strangest creatures imaginable, creatures that lived and died in the blink of an immortal's eye, and some that existed within the shadows, long lived as he and his kin. He learned that this land was called 'Ayenee' by it's many inhabitants.

When it came time to set root's down, he searched far and wide for the perfect location. He came upon a clearing in the forest one gloomy afternoon, overlooked by a gentle slope and a circle of barren trees, standing eerily in their silent, eternal vigil. The great Blackflame Manor was conceived nearly at once in his mind, and construction began almost immediately. From this place of seemingly dark power his family, and in turn, their influence, began to spread like the plague.

Alas, all things in time are meant to end, and it was no different for the family of mysterious demons living atop the hill. Whatever cataclysm befell Ayenee and it's inhabitants, the Blackflames were not spared, their power and family ties torn asunder and spread amongst the far corners of the land.

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