Sankiana Soriya

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Title: Goddess of WhiteCaster
Birth Place: Tireen
Race: Tireenian
Apparent Age: Mid 20s
Actual Age: Estimated to be over few thousand years old
Height: 5'6
Weight: Its rude to ask a lady her weight.
Hair color: Raven
Eye color: Gold

Most often Sankiana is wearing the pristine white robes of her people. Her hair always permitted to flow without any restraints and her wings hidden from view.

Being of royal blood Sankiana's steps are always graceful and fluid, like a dancer. She is polite and kind. A big heart. She is easily startled though. Very rarely likes to show anger or any other negative emotion.

Sankiana is quite intelligent, well versed of course in her own people's ways and lore as well as those of the mortals of Earth.

Unknown. But it is clear she is looking for someone or something.

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