Dr. Jules G. Mayfair

Trillian ID: FlickerNovember

Title: Doctor
Birth Place: French Territories, United States
Race: Vampire
Apparent Age: 34
Actual Age: 249
Height: 5 feet 11 inches
Weight: As If
Hair color: Pink
Eye color:

Shes very free spirited in movement and dress and straight forward. She will ramble when nervous. Shes quick with a smile and will start to say whats on her mind before she has time to think about whats about to be said. She will change direction mid sentence when she realizes what shes going to say.

She was born into a French/Indian family in what would become Louisiana in 1764. She was the only female of her family. She was born Juliette Kutskat (Red Mouth) Mayfair to a French trapper father and an Atakapa slave her father bought. Her mother died shortly after Jules was born. Though her brothers bore the marks of being half bloods, Jules skin was much lighter and found later in life she could pass as white when she moved through the cities in her travels. Her father raised her as a son, deeming it easier and safer for her to pass as a male in the wilderness. She moved to New Orleans with her oldest brother at the age of 15 when her father remarried. Her new stepmother was a ‘proper’ lady and wanted Jules to be the same. Her father had moved out of the wilderness and into a town, buying a house and a small mercantile to keep his new wife in the manner in which she felt she should live. Jules didn’t care for the woman so snuck after her brother who moved to New Orleans. She still masqueraded as a male, going by the name of Julius. When she was 17, she fell in love with a sailor and finally shed her male persona so she could be married. It was hard at first to be seen as a woman in society but she soon learned to deal with it. Her husband was gone for months at a time, leaving Jules to work in a small tavern her brother owned. Life was quiet for her as New Orleans tossed back and forth between and the French and Spanish. Her husband was lost at sea when she was 22 and she never remarried. When she was 34 years old she was attacked in a dark alley on her way home. Still the tomboy despite her skirts, she fought off her attacker and he liked what he saw in the scrappy woman. He incapacitated her and brought her into Darkness. She was upset at first but soon saw the freedom in her transformation and faked her death to allow her family closure. She took to her new life like a fish in water. She enjoyed the freedom and traveled with her Maker for a few years before he was killed by a grave robber who mistook her Makers sleeping space for a fresh grave. This was in 1820 London. Jules went back to masquerading as a male, finding the vampire community of Europe welcoming. She traveled with the army as a surgeon to make it easier to find food. She covered herself from head to toe to avoid the sun, allowed to stay indoors due to her ‘condition.’ She worked mostly the night shift in hospitals. As time crawled on, she would ‘die’ and travel on. During the 1920s she found herself in American again and was drawn into the feminist revolution. She came to love herself as a woman in the 1940s, free to be her free spirit self and a woman without having to hide behind a male facade. Every 20 years or so she reenters medical school to brush up on latest techniques and procedures. She entered medical school for the first time as a woman in 1964. Still frowned upon as a woman in a male dominated profession, she didn’t let it discourage her.

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