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Title: The Blue Angel
Birth Place: floating city of Arjunel
Race: Angel
Apparent Age: 32
Actual Age: Unknown
Height: 6'2
Weight: 230
Hair color: black
Eye color: red

Belekai is a tall man with grey skin. He has wide wings with an array of grey and black feathers. The wings are laden with blue glowing armor. The council of Arjunel were merciful enough to leave him the armor on his wings, for the wings are the most important feature of an angel of Arjunel. Belekai has glowing red eyes and short black hair. He wears the commoners clothes of Arjunel, which are still elegantly designed but less comfortable than normal clothes. he also has finger claws covering each of the fingers on his hands.

He is always as cautious as possible. Since he lost his memories, he is affected by the fear of the unknown. Unsure of the world, it is hard for him to meet people without a shred of worry.

Although Belekai had lost all of the memories of his past life, he has an expansive knowledge. The secrets of Ayenee hidden behind a clouded veil of amnesia.

Belekai is an angel from the floating city Arjunel. After his crimes against the city, he was expelled to a region as far from the floating paradise as possible. Waking up, devoid of memories, owning nothing but the clothes on his back. This was so there could be no way for anyone to make there way back to the city. He was lucky to have his memories taken instead of his life for his crimes.

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