Bartholomew Azazel Rozenthorpe

Trillian ID: Bartholomewkrempt

Title: Krempt (redacted) Archangel (redacted) Trader of Knowledge
Birth Place: The Divine Gate
Race: Human
Apparent Age: Early thirties
Actual Age: ???
Height: 6 feet, 3 inches
Weight: 237 pounds
Hair color: Platinum Blonde
Eye color: Right eye: Blue / Left eye: Dead Irises, blind

While Bartholomew is mostly human now, his previous years as either demon or angel have had a mostly positive affect on his appearance. His body mass index is prime for his stature, and his undeniably handsome features come mostly due to living as an incubus.

Bart carries himself with pride, his stride long and sure-footed. He will often spend his time of boredom toying with remedial magics, AE, levitating an illuminated pebble quickly to create an image from the light's tracer. Bartholomew has a deep seated affinity for formalities

Bartholomew was created to serve as an archive, a recorder of sorts, for his Lord God. Having severed the bond with his father, his memory is somewhat stunted, dating back to only his last few thousand years. He spent much of them as collector of forbidden or simply rare knowledge.

Bartholomew has told few, and many of his past, depending on whether you only count the living. Born as an Archangel to chronicle the deeds of the other Archangels, his life had been pleasant for a long while, content with his duties. When Lucifer was cast out of heaven to become the Devil, it was Bartholomew who replaced him as the one to oversee his Brothers, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Uriel, Raguel, Ramiel and Sariel. Time passed and Bartholomew found that he agreed with Lucifer on most counts, voicing his opinions to his Brothers, only two agreed with him, sparking the incident that cast Bartholomew onto earth, cursed to live failed lives, tortured and killed by humans because of thier violent and disgusting nature. Lucifer took notice of Bartholomew's suffering, sending his dear Brother a gift, Bartholomew's first mother, Magdolynn. The demon woman raised Bartholomew up to be a kind young man who headed a resistance against the crusades in the 11th recorded century. Peasants alone rallied behind him, worshiping him as thier protector God, Azazel, the Knight of Tears. At that life's end, Lucifer claimed Bartholomew's soul, greeting his loyal Brother for the first time in millenia. Given a seat as the Krempt, or ruler, of the seventh circle of hell, Bartholomew relished the chance to punish those who did him so wrongly in life. Through some mishaps, Bartholomew has lost much of his power, and resides as a simple resident of the manor following the disappearance of the lord and lady, Dante and Midori.

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